Tom Lewis Restoration & Masonry Consulting, Inc.

A Bay Area Leader in Waterproofing, Painting & Restoration

The Lewis Restoration team is committed to giving its clients fast, affordable access to the latest technologies in waterproofing, painting, and masonry restoration within an industry that is rapidly changing. As members and officers within several leading international associations, this company is part of the new technology that offers the latest innovations in the field. As government advisors in the regulatory industry, they know what it takes to create an organized, safe and regulated work environment.

We have been a part of establishing the standard for renovation in San Francisco and the Bay Area since 1973. From the Victorian revival of the 1970’s to the civic restoration of the 1990’s we have been there every step of the way. Our experience in commercial renovation is unique and covers hundreds of completed projects. We are ready and willing to share our experience and expertise with you. Whether your property is historic, civic, or commercially significant we will provide the full resources of our staff to deliver value-enhancing solutions for your property.