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Marin Civic Center Tower Restoration
Marin Civic Center Tower. Detail of the extent of corrosion damage to interior and exterior Detail of rust damage to interior of tower More detail of rust damage to interior of tower
Detail of cut into the center verticle support from swaying of tower
Detail of tower exterior corrosion The last of the exterior pieces left on tower
Removing contanimants from exterior by hand. Part of the anodization process. During the anodization process.
Detail view of restored interior stucture Detail view of restored exterior. Looking up through tower.
View through tower during reconstruction. At the top during reconstruction. That beautiful blue roof from above.
Finished exterior. Almost done. Goodbye scaffolding, we are done!
A flower shop with a restored antique chapel facade.
Finished chapel used as store facade for a flower shop on Santana Row, San Jose
Chapel facade with new structure for retail building on Santana Row, San Jose
Brannan Hall on Stanford University Campus,
Masonry repair.
Stucco removed to access crack in wall to be repaired Measuring size of crack for gauging how to repair it. Appying a filling compound to crack.
Applying new stucco Stucco finish blended to match old stucco Finished repaired wall
View of the building with repairs done.